Jack Russelled to Death
Cavaliered to Death
Bichoned to Death
Sheparded to Death
Doodled to Death
Corgied to Death
Aussied to Death
Welcome to Barkview!
The dog friendliest city in America.

Barkview Mysteries Mission

Welcome to Barkview, the dog friendliest city in America.  Here, designated leash lanes lead to hound playgrounds.  Barkeries bake caninolis, pupscream shops line the boardwalk and KDOG broadcasts the weekly flyball scores.
Dogs are family here.  Large or small, active or not so much, there is a perfect pairing for everyone.  So cuddle up with your BFF (best furry friend), a Shiraz-du-jour and join Cat Wright, the lone cat person living in a dog centric world, on her journey to find her soul mate.

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About The Author

The award winning author of six Cozy Pet Mysteries and counting, C.B. Wilson’s love of writing began after she read her first Nancy Drew book and rewrote the ending. After studying at the Gemology Institute of America, she developed a passion for researching lost, stolen and missing diamonds–the big kind. Her fascination with dogs and their passionate owners inspired Barkview, California, the dog friendliest city in America.

C.B. lives in Peoria, AZ with her husband. She is an avid pickleball player who enjoys traveling to play tournaments. She admits to chocoholic tendencies and laughing out loud at dog comics.

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Facebook: www.facebook.com/cbwilsonauthor


We are honored to be awarded first place in the Fiction: Detective - Cozy, Detective - Amateur Sleuths and Mystery - Cozy divisions.
The Bookfest Award Winner - Gold
Howl With Your Pal

Howl With Your Pal:

Enjoy the Funniest Jokes in Barkview, California

Let’s start the first Friday of the month with a LOL dog cartoon.  Pour your coffee and howl with your Barkview buddies!

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